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Get the most from the Visual Website Planner

In this video I go over the Visual Website Planner in detail with tips on how to complete each section.

To get started, download your favorite Visual Website Planner template format from the Resources:

  • Canva
  • PDF
  • Word

. . . and a copy of the Visual Planner Workbook.

To see the Visual Website Planner implemented on a website, lick on over to our LIVE website example – Church Street Cider.

Once your website is launched or updated, implement these organic SEO strategies – SEO Checklist for Non-Techies and the Testimonial Starters.

Have questions, please email me at:

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The non-techie SEO checklist to get noticed online​

Struggling to get organic SEO traffic online?​

Get started on your SEO quickly with our non-techie checklist.

  • Claim your business on Google 
  • Create content with “search intent” 
  • Use Title Tags 
  • Customize Your Website Page and Social Media Descriptions 
  • Optimize Images 
  • Add “Alt Text” to your images

In this video I go over the SEO Checklist for Non-Techies to get you a head start with your organic traffic without any coding or paid advertising.

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Testimonial Starters to to help your clients write rave reviews

Fill-in-the-Blanks for More Testimonials

Looking for an easily way to get testimonials?

This resources has fill-in-the-blank testimonial starter statement and email scripts to make writing testimonials easily for your clients and get more rave reviews! 

Most of us love to give glowing reviews of the products and services that have helped us so much. The problem is, when asked we are like a deer in the headlights and have no idea what to say and it comes out something like: 

“This person/business was so amazing, I loved everything about them and recommend everyone use them too!” 

Flattering, but not really going to help a potential client buy your product or service. 

Just like a good book, all testimonials should have these 3 basic components with your client as the star of the show: 

  1. Problem – Why they chose your product or service 
  2. Solution – How your product or services solved their problem 
  3. Success – How their life and business are better, their happy ending 

In order to get great testimonials, we need to help our clients by getting them started. The following scripts and questions will get your reviewer thinking problem, solution and success – the perfect formula for a testimonial that stands out online. 

Remember to keep it short, be specific and include the problem, solution and happy ending. 

Here are some starters and questions to help you and your clients to write better testimonials! 

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Struggling and confused on where to start with anything relating to website design?

Get clear advice on whether to DIY or hire a Pro to design and develop your website.

One of the biggest reasons business owners do not have a website is because most people are just afraid of technology and don’t realize how simple and easy it could be?

In this video I go over things to consider when deciding to create your website on your own or hire a professional web designer:

  • Why Have a Website
  • Website Basics 101
  • DIY vs Hire a Professional
  • How to choose a
    DIY Platform or Hire a Pro
  • Now What?
  • Real World Example